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Logo  Captain Kers 08 Aug

Panzerdogs Pills can also be traded on secondary marketplaces, such as Magic Eden (, and can be won via giveaways or during tournaments.

Logo  Captain Kers 08 Aug

Starting today everyone with 2 Panzerdogs and 1 Panzerdogs Pill is able to start the mutation process in the Panzerdogs Labs (

Logo  Captain Kers 04 Aug

The Cyberdogs Snapshot will be taken this week! All delisted Panzerdogs (also the ones that are staked) are included in the Snapshot. To be eligible for a Panzerdogs Pill you need 2 Panzerdogs. Holders with multiple pairs of dogs (4, 6, 8, 10, etc) are eligible for more Panzerdogs Pills. 💊

Logo  @panzerdogs 04 Aug

Proud to announce that we've raised $3.35M from leading crypto investors like @SolanaVentures @MagicEden @Mysten_Labs @SOLBigBrain @Com2uS @borgetsebastien @DevmonsGG @caldie and more 🚀

Logo  Captain Kers 12 Jul

For every 2 Panzerdogs you will be considered for 1 Panzerdogs Pill - if you have them delisted at the moment of the snapshot (you can keep them staked)

Logo NFT Website

Summary: A PVP tank brawler on Solana starting with the release of 5555 unique dog avatars.