About SolanaKit

About SolanaKit

SolanaKit builds analytical kit for Solana NFT enthusiasts, collectors and whales. SolanaKit analyses price, rarity and whales in more than 50 Solana NFT collections as well as highlights hot upcoming drops.

We strive to provide impartial information with the intention to empower NFT collectors in deciding what precisely corresponds to their personal investment strategies and goals. SolanaKit technology is created from scratch by our own team of developers. Our platform is trusted, robust and easy-to-use, giving broader access to the world of cryptocurrency for investors.


Q4 2021

Launching of SolanaKit Alpha Version was launched. Some of the features released are Rarity Sniper, Basic Stats & Portfolio Analysis.

Q1 2022

Launching of SolanaKit Beta Version. Some of the features launched are NFT Screeners, Redesigned Homepage, Price Charts, Top Holders, Whales Indicator, Significant Purchases, Wallet Checker, Collections News.

Q2 2022

Launching of SolanaKit Main Version. Some of the features released are Dark Mode, NFT Families, Wallet Screeners, Categories, Solana NFT News and Enhanced NFT Screeners.