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Logo  SOLBERRY 10 Aug

Alright everyone, big UI update + Litepaper just went live. Everything is now all in the same place in terms of Leaderboard + City Gutter. Leaderboard: Litepaper:

Logo  SOLBERRY 07 Aug

Phase I - City Gutter 👹 The city gutter is now open for bids. Enter here:

Logo  SOLBERRY 07 Aug

By entering the city gutter below you forfeit your Vandal's current meta data in exchange for a pre-reveal Vandal leveled 1-30. There is no going back.

Logo  SOLBERRY 03 Aug

Something I think not clear about the art rework is how different this new set of 10,000 Vandals will be. There are going to be 130+ brand new traits, including skins, clothing, headwear, eyewear etc.

Logo  SOLBERRY 26 Jul

Heist Crew up is live! Head to to begin setting up your profile and sending out crew requests to your potential teammates wallets!

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Summary: A collection of 10,000 Bandits, Outcasts, & Misfits of the Metaverse.