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What is The Orcs?

8888 Orcs from the Genesis Collection invaded the Solana. Choose one from 4 Factions and Battle in a Play-to-Earn Card Game to Earn $ORCS. Earn $ORCS daily by Staking your Orc. Send your Orc to Expeditions to find Mutagens, Lands, Mystery Boxes, $ORCS and more.Date with Lady Orcs to Breed your own Baby Orc and Evolve it to GEN2 Orc! Orcs Holders will receive access to more utility such as: Dating App, Recruitment, Mutation, OrcLand DAO & Dashboard App, OrcLand Store, Raffles & Auctions, OrcSphere, ORCADE Mini-Games and more.Powerful Burning Mechanics make $ORCS deflationary.

How can I learn more about The Orcs?

You can learn more about The Orcs on:

NFT Website Website   Discord

Where can I buy The Orcs?

You can buy The Orcs on:

Magic Eden

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