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Logo  Solport Tom 01 Aug

Snapshot for infants in 10 mins.

Logo  Solport Tom 30 Jul

Infant Oil snapshot is close, currently have covid ( again) but still working to push out new stuff. The airdrop/Snapshot will be later today or tomorrow at the most, if you want in now's your chance!

Logo  Solport Tom 05 Jul

Pilot Mint passes round 2 is now live!

Logo  Solport Tom 19 Jun

We just released a new product which is a WL minting platform.

Logo  Taiyo Robotics 13 Jun

@SolportTom: "Good time to tell everyone that we have a set burn rate for all our projects and currently if revenue were to die tomorrow we'd have enough money to fund the next 9 months."

Logo NFT Website

Summary: A collection of 2,121 Robots that have been manufactured on the Solana blockchain. They have been created to protect the world against giant monsters that have plagued earth.