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Logo  Stylish Studs 04 Jun

ThirdTime_Ian: "THE BETA IS LIVE. This is not a drill."

Logo  Stylish Studs 18 May

Ticket holders will find out their race horses sex on May 18th.

Logo  Stylish Studs 4 months and 12h

Breeding is extended for another 7 days after deadline.

Logo  Stylish Studs 13 Apr

Read explanations on more utility related to the horses called injury.

Logo  Stylish Studs 06 Apr

Deadline for breeding Stylish Studs and Fine Fillies is in 14 days. Notice is up for what happens after April 20th.

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Summary: The Stylish Studs are a collection of 10,000 unique NFT's - digital collectibles racing around the blockchain. Stylish Stud tokens double as your VIP / Early Access to the new version of Photo Finish Horse Racing