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Logo  Solana Monkey Business 18 Jun

FLman: "We are glad to announce that the MonkeDAO Board and SMB Founders have agreed on terms for MonkeDAO to acquire the SMB brand, IP, and assets."

Logo  Solana Monkey Business 11 Apr

Some enhancements to the marketplace are in progress, and offers have been temporarily disabled.

Logo  Solana Monkey Business 07 Apr

SMB is live on OpenSea.

Logo  Solana Monkey Business 10 Mar

The first royalties disbursement of 101 SOL has been sent to MonkeDAO multi-sig treasury.

Logo  Solana Monkey Business 09 Mar

The latest update on SMB Gen2 collection with royalties, metadata, and master edition undergoing improvement process.

Logo NFT Website

Summary: SMB is a collection of 5000 unique randomly generated SolanaMonkeys stored on the blockchain. With their accessibility-oriented design, the monkeys' goal is to invade the Solana blockchain with as many individuals as possible, building a large community around them, supported by owner-exclusive advantages, a community wallet and a future voting system. Reject humanity, return to monke.