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Logo  chlchlchl 08 Aug

You can now buy Portals with ETH on MagicEden!

Logo  chlchlchl 27 Jul

Downtown Build Extravaganza is now live for holders!

Logo  chlchlchl 25 Jul

- Pods will be much more customisable (Genesis/PFP has an unique Pod) . - There will be 1 of 1 PFPs (are you lucky enough to get one?). - The utility will begin before the PFP exchange/reveal.

Logo  PapiChuloGrim 06 Jul

We are partnering with the team at Metaversol to create the FIRST EVER direct integration between Unreal Engine and Unity based metaverses on Solana.

Logo  chlchlchl 04 Jul

We aim to launch the PFP project in late August.

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