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Just Adventure Airdrop. These are being minted and will go out in the next 36 hours. Airdrops will be tradeable under Just Collabs on Magic Eden. Only 450 Coffee Fur Apes and only 50 Aquatic Fur Apes will exist. These will be airdropped randomly to those who met the staking cut off date, those who helped beta test AND others who win discord & twitter giveaways.

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Snapshot has been taken for the Amphibian airdrop! 24 of 315 total Amphibians were listed, so there will only be 291 airdrops going out. These will be going out starting tomorrow! We will update once the airdrops begin, and once they finish.

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You have until 10 August 2022 07:30 PM UTC to stake your Apes for the rest of the season and be eligible for the MSM Medallion. This is the only way to get the drop needed for Gen 2, other than through secondary.

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As we previously mentioned, holding onto Bridges for the entirety of Season 1 will allow users to redeem a premium item from the fashion store. Those who decide to hold past the redemption deadline may come across better rewards shortly after… The Son of Ape airdrops: Final 100 These will go out within the next 12 hours.

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Summary: Just ape. A collection of 10,000 Apes that take us back to basics. None of the fluff, all of the value.