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Logo  FoxyDev 09 Aug

The duppies raffle has been drawn, we ended up with 29 spots, 19 for the $FOXY raffle, 3 for the $DUST raffle and 7 for WL token claims

Logo  FoxyDev 01 Aug

Our Merch page is now live at! We have 5 products to begin with which can be purchased using USDC. We will have $FOXY redeemable merch along with more products soon. Stocks are limited so get your orders in soon.

Logo  FoxyDev 27 Jul

Presenting the PoorDAO Den! For people who aren't aware, PoorDAO is an FFF sub-DAO full of poor people (evident from the Den design) who pool money together to buy cool stuff.

Logo  FoxyDev 25 Jul

FoxyLend is now live at! You can now borrow and lend your Foxes for Missions using $FOXY.

Logo  FoxyDev 04 Jul

FFFlip is now live! Our very own coinflip with support for SOL and SPL tokens


Summary: The Famous Fox Federation, an independent organization of the most fabulously famous foxes on the Blockchain.