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Logo  Joex 07 Aug

I am sure y’all are aware of the BTSE airdrop event 💸 Make sure to sign-up for the same and please don’t miss the deadline

Logo  Joex 05 Aug

The expectation of BTSE airdrop would be a few days after the redemption period.

Logo  Mad Hatter in Wonderland 04 Aug

Before redeeming your box please ensure BTSE is available in your region! That way you are able to claim your token airdrop 🤝

Logo  Queen of Hearts 03 Aug

The redemption period is 6 days and the duration starts from August 3, 3AM UTC to August 9, 2pm UTC.

Logo  Queen of Hearts 03 Aug

The BTSE Airdrop is another value added into Dappio Wonderland by our partner over at the BTSE exchange. This is a one-time only reward to our loyal Dappie stakers!

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