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Logo  Solport Tom 09 Aug

The shop/raffle system is live.

Logo  Solport Tom 01 Aug

I have acquired a majority stake of the production company who built the Pilots trailer, this is pretty awesome as it gives us access almost indefinitely to top quality production!

Logo  Solport Tom 27 Jul

Tomorrow our community managers are throwing together the first Surreal Thursday. Surreal Thursday is where the community members go into a voice call, play games, talk about NFTs, and the world in general.

Logo  Solport Tom 22 Jul

In the next 14 days there'll be a snapshot of both citizens and houses. 30/60 day stakers will get a rarer box, you must be staked for some period to receive any drop. This Snapshot will be added to a "claim site" where people who are included can claim their box.

Logo  Solport Tom 07 Jul

Whitelist spot snapshot will be taken before the mint, it doesn't necessarily mean the 60 days have to end before the spot is granted.

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