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Logo  @BlocksmithLabs 11 Aug

SHIFT. Our dynamic art engine. Can deconstruct and reconstruct selected individual layers on-the-fly and on demand.

Logo  harmy 05 Aug

Mercury now supports Ethereum! Ethereum projects can now onboard and enjoy all of the perks that Mercury has to offer in exchange for whitelist spots that can be purchased using $FORGE.

Logo  @BlocksmithLabs 20 Jul

Another day has passed, one of many since The Cube was discovered. A short time when compared with eternity, but when life can be completely and irrevocably changed in a heartbeat… Transformation. Perhaps that is the key to solving this puzzle. Or is it?

Logo  harmy 09 Jul

Bifrost is now unbottable on-chain as well as major anti-bot improvements off chain. Projects can also opt to merge multiple whitelist phases into one single phase.

Logo  harmy 01 Jul

Bifrost is ready, and so is our first launch partner :Bifrost: I'm pleased to announce that the first project launching on Bifrost will be SHISOKA.

Logo NFT Website

Summary: Blocksmith Labs is a team of experienced engineers aiming to solve real problems on Solana, whilst providing utility to their holders.