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Logo  SHARK_GEN LISTED Logo   4 18 May

Logo  Neon 10 Oct

Casino/Arcade Revenue Share. Our Soltoons (prev Solinko) mint is about to begin! Existing holders were airdropped one for free per Solinko they held, the remaining supply is now open to public mint.

Logo  Neon 08 Oct

The Mutations Have Begun...

Logo  Neon 29 Sep

DISCORD BASED STAKING This is completely non-custodial staking so the NFTs will remain in your wallet. However this means that if you move or list your NFTs it will reset the staking and you will not automatically be sent your tokens - so claim before doing either of those things!

Logo  Neon 25 Sep

Will be taking the snapshot for $TEARS shortly so MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CLAIMED THEM!!!

Logo  Neon 25 Sep

We have partnered up with Oak Paradise and became an affiliate in their casino and sportsbook!

Logo  Neon 16 Aug


Logo  Neon 16 Aug

Snapshot taken. WL mint phase is going to be 30 minutes due to the delay. 10 minutes till WL mint begins.

Logo  Neon 10 Aug

WEEPING CHESTS SNAPSHOT IN 10 MINUTES Chests will begin opening in 15 minutes time... Listed chests will automatically be empty.

Logo  Neon 09 Aug

COINFLIP RELEASE I can say with confidence this is the best looking, smoothest working coinflip game on the market. OFFICIAL LINK https://goldentemple.xyz/weepish