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Logo  @SolanaMoneyBoys 04 Aug

🚨 New MoneyLand Item Alert 🚨 MoneyChopper 🚁 Mint in $MBC, use in MoneyLand. Guaranteed WL for MoneyBoys only.

Logo  moneyboy0x 01 Jul

Portal staking is live: This is our new OFFICIAL pre-moneyland staking platform. However, it mirrors our old staking, so if you're already staked, relax - you don't need to do anything extra.

Logo  Solana Money Boys 09 Jun

moneyboy0x: "Starting this month we will be randomly airdropping MoneyLand Item NFTs to unlisted Moneyboys, Moneygirls and DiamondBoys."

Logo  Solana Money Boys 09 Jun

moneyboy0x: "This month, our staking site will randomly converted into a Portal. This will be the entry point to MoneyLand."

Logo  Solana Money Boys 24 May

Moneyboys are working with world-class designers to sharpen up the Moneyboy brand.

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