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Logo  King Jellyfish 05 Aug

Now that you got a taste of what the DTM can do, I want to let you know about our intentions for the future. We will be collaborating with several projects and giving them their own admins panels to make DTMs. These project owners will be incentivized to allow $TRTN as well as Sol and other SPL tokens to be used in their DTMs.

Logo  Stockstill 02 Aug

The time has finally come DTM IS UPON US Good Luck

Logo  Sea Shanties 10 Jun

Stockstill.Sol: "We have added 3 of our committed holders to the SeaDao Council. The newest members are @ceelow @63eth @ror "

Logo  Sea Shanties 01 Jun

King Jellyfish: "We will no longer be building candy machines or marketing other projects via our Launchpad. We will instead focus on the top tier utilities and dev services we offer through Hydra."

Logo  Sea Shanties 31 May

Stockstill.Sol: "As some of you may have heard Shrouded and Hydra have decided to mutually part ways. "

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Summary: Sea Shanties is a collection of 3,333 gamified NFTs.