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Logo  King Jellyfish 05 Aug

Now that you got a taste of what the DTM can do, I want to let you know about our intentions for the future. We will be collaborating with several projects and giving them their own admins panels to make DTMs. These project owners will be incentivized to allow $Sight as well as Sol and other SPL tokens to be used in their DTMs.

Logo  Prez 02 Aug

The Degen Toy Machine is ready! Thank you for your patience 🦎

Logo  Prez 18 Jul

Tomorrow we will be announcing the first phase of our Tokenomics model for RR. You have less than 24 hrs. to prepare.

Logo  Prez 14 Jul

The portal has officially closed and all Red eyes have been minted out.

Logo  stockstill 27 Jun

Unstake your current eyes. You have 1 week from today to do so, if you don't you could lose the eye and all rewards that come with it.