Logo Sol Kitties 1.0

solkitties.net  @SolKitties (18,451)  bJjp9CpDu6

Number of Items: 2,572

Mint Price: 1.0

Launch Date: 12-Jan-2021 19:00 (UTC)


Brand Game Buy-Back

Other Highlights

1. Team Members: SpikyKitty (Lead Artist), JokerKitty (Crypto Expert), VampireKitty (Social Media Specialist), BatKitty (Social Media Specialist)

2. This project conducted a presale to 1000 whitelist people with the price of 0.7SOL.

3. They are planning for collaboration with influencers and other NFT artists in January 2022.

4. They are planning to do frequent giveaways of various series of Sol Kitties for the holders.