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Number of Items: 10,000

Mint Price: 2.5

Launch Date: 19-Jan-2022 12:00 (UTC)


Art Game Membership

Other Highlights

1. Team Members: Jameson (Co-CEO), David (Co-CEO), Tommy (Executive Producer), William (Strategic Advisor), Songbly (Illustrator), Jun (Gaming Advisor), Trevor (Community Lead), Martin (Marketing Lead), Jin (Korean Marketing Lead), Jacob (Partnerships Lead), Sarah (Korean Community Lead), Hayden (Corporate Development Lead), Aaron (Investor Relations Lead), Gerry (Collaborations Lead), Savannah (Graphics Lead), Kwon (Southeast Asia Lead).

2. Seoul Stars team will acquire handwritten autographs from many top K-Pop artists. These autographs NFT can be traded with $SSTAR tokens.

3. Future giveaway prizes include event tickets, merchandise, metaverse goods, physical albums, and web-toon hard copies.

4. This project is being endorsed by 10 famous K-Pop artists.