Logo PSY Network - Planet Z 0.69

psynetwork.io  @Shroomz_NFT (15,205)  SbKRhMHF88

Number of Items: 4,269

Mint Price: 0.69

Launch Date: 29-Dec-2021 21:30 (UTC)



Other Highlights

1. Team Members: ShroomZter (Founder, Chief Executive Officer), Th3 D4nk (Chief Technology Officer), ShroomZman (Chief Operating Officer), JPORTA (Collaborations and Partnerships Officer), Hazzor (Golden Voice, Video editor man, photoshop wrangler), Umbas (Content Creator, Technical Advisory, Tokenomics), xxoommj (Discord Mama), Milesaway (Head of Terraforming, Web3 Developer), Kartik (Wonder Kid, Web3 Developer), Dr Biscuits (Formerly Mr Biscuits, Web3 Specialist), Shaggy (Web3 Specialist), Kean BeanZ (Developer, Planet Generation).

2. The limited collection will be airdropped to holders of PlanetZ 3D interactive.

3. This project will be building a swapping mechanism to make PSY Network a one-stop center for staking, swapping, and all things NFT's, Defi, and SPL tokens.