Logo Degenerate Ape Academy 6.0

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Number of Items: 10,000

Mint Price: 6.0

Launch Date: 14-Aug-2021 00:00 (UTC)



Other Highlights

1. Team Members: MONOLIFF (Art & Design), OBOTTIS1 (Project Management), CONORHOLDS (Development).

2. Degen DAOO earns commission fees of 7% from the Degen Infrastructure Core Services (D.I.C.S) validator node through staking of SOL.

3. Currently working on Ape-Swag merchandise such as tees, hoodies and hats, and building a list of charities for the majority of the merchandise profits to go to.

4. Degen Ape Academy is planning to work on a racing game, Ape Kart.