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Logo  gOtHiC LiOn 29 Jul

20% of Royalty Fees will purchase $PUFF and airdrop it to holders every 3 weeks (1st one on 08/07) - Exclusive Access to high-quality Limited Edition Stoned Ape Merch - Access to Gothic Degen Discord & a special role in the Stoned Ape Discord

Logo  gOtHiC LiOn 25 Jul

Gothic Primates merch. A random set of snapshots for the holders of delisted Gothic Primates will be taken within the next few weeks. So it doesn’t matter who was airdropped and who wasn’t, all that matters is whether you have a Gothic Primate delisted at the moment of a stealth snapshot.

Logo  gOtHiC LiOn 24 Jul

Around 15 left to airdrop, will do in a few hours, airdrop script bugging. Announcement on merch and next week plans soon. Dont list now, still plenty of stuff to come

Logo  gOtHiC LiOn 20 Jul

Supply - only 1000. With the hype we and Primates have and with the supply being pretty low, I expect Gothic Primates to have one of the highest floor prices of our collab airdrops. Airdrop will be happening this week.


Summary: Gothic Degens bringing new meta to the SOL ecosystem