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Logo  Shadoww 09 Aug

Our Ambassador program for Boonties and the Raid as a Service is live!

Logo  GhostyGKD 04 Aug

For the next 20 GhostKids bought on MagicEden, you have a chance of receiving between 10 and 150% of the royalties back paid in SOL

Logo  GhostyGKD 02 Aug

The day we were waiting for is here! Boonties is now live

Logo  Shadoww 29 Jul

The Boonties platform is right around the corner! In fact the official release date is set to the August 1st 2022

Logo  Shadoww 29 Jul

We are happy to announce our long term collaboration with Zilla vs Kong 👻 This partnership will include access to their Toolkit, Sniper Tool and creation of a room for our DAO in their metaverse.

Logo NFT Website

Summary: We are coming from the shadows to create the largest DAO on Solana