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Logo  KING NERD 09 Aug

NERD Tools BETA 1.0 is officially LIVE

Logo  KING NERD 29 Jul

Your keys will open a portal to a new kin

Logo  DEV NERD 27 Jul

We have put in 1000+ SOL into the LP in hopes of raising token price for holders, but having an LP funded by project funds in general means that people can just drain the LP/Project funds as much as they want.

Logo NFT Website

Summary: An all in one Whitelist Tool/App. Tools include: Whitelist Management (for projects & investors), Discord & Twitter Verification, and tools for DAOs. By holding an NFT you get exclusive access to our current and future tools. Stake your NERD & earn $NERD. Use it in the $NERD ecosystem A big part of the culture is around "DYOR", and we wanted to encapsulate that. We are all NERDS!