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LIFINITY Flares #8584 22.0 2022-04-02
LIFINITY Flares #3592 19.9 2022-03-09
LIFINITY Flares #2 19.48 2022-03-21
LIFINITY Flares #7414 18.0 2022-03-05
LIFINITY Flares #2179 17.8 2022-06-05
LIFINITY Flares #5315 17.25 2022-03-06
LIFINITY Flares #6950 17.0 2022-03-01
LIFINITY Flares #8118 16.8 2022-06-05


Logo  LIFINITY Flares05 Jun

@Lifinity_io: "We have begun performing buybacks of LFNTY!"


Logo  LIFINITY Flares24 May

Reward claiming is live. Lifinity is the first DEX on Solana to both share its profits with its token holders and buy back its own token.


Logo  LIFINITY Flares24 Apr

Lifinity veIDO has ended. Read details on stats.


Logo  LIFINITY Flares19 Apr

IDO page is live. Upcoming veIDO is 4 days from now.


Logo  LIFINITY Flares15 Apr

The team has developed Lifinity’s proactive stable pools. Read details on Medium.


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