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Logo  Mnemonic 12 Jul

Keep an eye on your wallets... Gator Airdrops starting very soon Weekly FLWR going out Batch of Specials going out

Logo  Mnemonic 11 Jul

First Snapshot has been taken and the art is currently uploading to Arweave. When the upload is done we will take one more snapshot confirming that the Gators are unlisted/staked and then will begin to send them out.

Logo  SOLFlowers 3D Flowers 14 Jun

Mnemonic: "We are excited to release our revised White Paper v2.1 which can be found at the link below:"

Logo  SOLFlowers 3D Flowers 2 months and 18h

Mnemonic: "Tomorrow we will be releasing our White Paper 2.1 for Sol Flowers."

Logo  SOLFlowers 3D Flowers 09 Jun

Mnemonic: "Gator StakeOut is now LIVE!"

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